Due to popular demand, we’ve assembled all the Your Story writing prompts on WritersDigest.com in one post. Click the link to find each prompt, the winners, and more.

For as long as I can remember, one of our guiding principles on the Writer’s Digest team has been that we’re writers helping other writers. As such, we love features that allow us to interact with other writers in their element. That’s what inspired one of our most popular features: Your Story.

The idea behind Your Story is simple. We provide a prompt; several writers write a short story based off the prompt; and then, a winner is chosen (and published in Writer’s Digest magazine) from among the entries.

(100 Creative Writing Prompts for Writers.)

“I’m guessing the first one would have appeared sometime between 2004-2006,” recalls former online editor Brian A. Klems. “We decided to revamp a section of the magazine by using a prompt, making it a contest, and calling it Your Story. We, as a staff, would spend a lunch and narrow it down to the top five. Then, I’d post them on our forum and have forum users vote for the winner that would appear in a future issue of the magazine.”

While we don’t have a forum anymore, the formula is still fairly similar with a few finalists selected, posted to the site, and a winner chosen by WD readers. And recently, more and more readers have been asking for previous prompts. 

So we’ve collected them in this post (with a few exceptions that we still need to track down). Just click the link to find our previous prompts, winners, and more. And be sure to participate in our currently open Your Story posts for entering stories and/or voting for winners.

94 Your Story Writing Prompts

Your Story 116. Deadline: February 28, 2022.Your Story 115. Vote for your favorite until April 8, 2022.Your Story 114. Vote for your favorite until February 4, 2022.Your Story 113.Your Story 112.Your Story 111.Your Story 110.Your Story 109.Your Story 108.Your Story 107.Your Story 106.Your Story 105.Your Story 104.Your Story 103.Your Story 102.Your Story 101.Your Story 100.Your Story 99.Your Story 98.Your Story 97.Your Story 96.Your Story 95.Your Story 94.Your Story 93.Your Story 92.Your Story 91.Your Story 90.Your Story 89.Your Story 88.Your Story 87.Your Story 86.Your Story 85.Your Story 84.Your Story 83.Your Story 82.Your Story 81.Your Story 80.Your Story 79.Your Story 78.Your Story 77.Your Story 76.Your Story 75.Your Story 74.Your Story 73.Your Story 72.Your Story 71.Your Story 70.Your Story 69.Your Story 68.Your Story 67.Your Story 66.Your Story 65.Your Story 64.Your Story 63.Your Story 62.Your Story 61.Your Story 60.Your Story 59.Your Story 58.Your Story 57.Your Story 56.Your Story 55.Your Story 54.Your Story 53.Your Story 52.Your Story 51.Your Story 50.Your Story 49.Your Story 48.Your Story 47.Your Story 46.Your Story 45.Your Story 44.Your Story 43.Your Story 42.Your Story 41.Your Story 40.Your Story 39.Your Story 38.Your Story 37.Your Story 36.Your Story 35.Your Story 34.Your Story 33.Your Story 32.Your Story 31.Your Story 30.Your Story 29.Your Story 28.Your Story 27.Your Story 26.Your Story 25.Your Story 24.Your Story 23.Your Story 22.Your Story 21.Your Story 20.Your Story 19.Your Story 18.Your Story 17.Your Story 16.Your Story 15.Your Story 14.Your Story 13.Your Story 12.Your Story 11.Your Story 10.Your Story 9.Your Story 8.Your Story 7.Your Story 6.Your Story 5.Your Story 4.Your Story 3.Your Story 2.Your Story 1.


Find the latest winners of the Your Story contest in the pages of Writer’s Digest magazine.

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