Here are the top general resource websites as identified in the 23rd Annual 101 Best Websites from the May/June 2021 issue of Writer’s Digest.

Here are the top general resource websites as identified in the 23rd Annual 101 Best Websites from the May/June 2021 issue of Writer’s Digest.


A graphic design platform, Canva allows users to create dynamic visuals for social media, book covers, and much more. Most templates and features are free, but a subscription gives users access to more content.

Create If Writing

Every author needs to build an online platform, even if most dread calling it that. Create If Writing shows how to grow your online presence without “being smarmy”—as they put it—through their blog, podcast, and workshops.

The Creative Penn

Bestselling thriller and craft book author Joanna Penn shares wisdom on craft, book marketing, self-publishing, and making a living by writing through her blog, podcast, video tutorials, and online writing courses.

Copyright Office of the United States

Learn about the basics of copyright law, search copyright records, register your own creative works, and get your questions answered straight from the office in charge of it all.

David Gaughran

There are a lot of self-publishing scams out there, but David Gaughran is not one of them. Not only does he aim to expose those scams, his website also offers tons of free resources for self-published authors so you can make smart, informed choices about how to get your book in front of more people.

Diversity Style Guide

Want to make sure you refer to people in groups or communities to which you don’t belong with respect and accuracy in your writing? (And the answer should obviously be yes.)The Diversity Style Guide “contains more than 700 terms related to race/ethnicity, disability, immigration, sexuality and gender identity, drugs and alcohol, and identity” so you can do the work and inform yourself.

Get It Write

Dr. Nancy Tuten says that “if your writing looks professional, so do you,”—so the former university-level writing instructor has you covered in her articles about grammar, usage, word mechanics, punctuation, and other popular topics.

Hemingway Editor

This editing tool is helpful if you want to make your writing bold and clear. Using highlights, it shows you when a sentence is too long and complicated, has common errors, or relies too heavily on weak language.


An author services platform that allows authors to find and hire publishing professionals, Reedsy connects authors with everyone from developmental editors to book cover designers, publicists, and translators. Their free blog also gives authors tips and tricks to take their manuscripts to the next level.

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This course explores why romance is the same, yet different. Some essential components of romance are unique to the genre, while some romance requirements are identical to those of any good fiction story. This workshop will help you to understand those specific factors that make up the specialized world of romantic fiction.

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