Noël Coward theatre, London
The pop star makes her West End debut in a contemporary haunted-house chiller that smartly plays with all the old tropes and leaves the room electric with fear

Fingernails dig into skin as we watch a neon red digital clock climb through the night. With a brilliant sense of mounting dread and just the right number of jump-scares, Danny Robins’ new ghost story is a slick, chilling romp of a play.

Jenny (Lily Allen) is convinced the big new house she and her husband Sam (Hadley Fraser) have bought – a beautiful naturalistic set by Anna Fleischle – is haunted. Every night, she hears footsteps around her baby’s room at exactly the same time: 2:22am. She insists the sound is real while Sam infuriatingly tries to explain it all away. When the pair throw a dinner party for Sam’s old friend Lauren (Julia Chan) and her new man Ben (EastEnders’ Jake Wood), the four of them decide to wait up to see who’s right.

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