What we do...

Self-publishing is a challenge and finding good advice and quality services can be soul-destroying. As authors, we understand that for our work to be successful, we need to concentrate on many aspects of the publishing process. Writing your novel was hard enough and probably involved years of planning, writing and editing. But now you’ve decided to publish, you need help to maximise the potential readership for your story. We aim to make this process as fast and cost-effective as possible for you, aiming to turn-around most standard projects in 48-72 hours. Importantly we want the finished product to reflect your vision, which is why we incorporate a comprehensive review process and provide a 100% Money back Guarantee.

Book Covers

Readers judge your book by the cover!. It is the first thing a potential reader will see and it will be an indicator of the quality of the book. On platforms like Amazon, you will have just seconds to capture the interest of the reader and a good book cover can be a valuable tool to achieve this.


Book Formatting

Produced for all publishing outlets our book formatting services will present your work in a professional format. Incorporating design styles for traditional and modern formats your book can include drop caps, image dividers and header images. Your work will be produced to your publishers specifications.

Video Promotions

Produce a cinematic video promotion incorporating your book cover, key passages, soundtrack and reviews. Research has shown that video advertising significantly increases the interaction with the viewer and can lead to increased sales and engagement. 

Traditionally considered an expensive option, with only the large publishing houses able to afford the outlay, you can now consider the benefits of this medium based on our services.


Your finished design will be tailored to your requirements and will be suitable for use on all major publishing platforms including…

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